Positions Available: Masters and Ph.D. Students

Update: these positions have already been filled. Thanks!

Positions are available in my research group for students interested in pursuing a Masters or Ph.D. degree in Oceanography or Marine Sciences at the University of Delaware (for details on the degrees offered at UD, visit CEOE’s page). Currently available projects include:

  • In the area of glacier-ocean interactions, exploring the role of the shelf circulation on the heat transport and glacier retreat along in the west Antarctic Peninsula using regional models and historical observations; in Patagonia, understanding the impact of oceanic intrusions to the fjord system in the retreat of glaciers of the Patagonian Ice Fields using field observations.

  • In the area of river outflow dynamics, understanding how wind forcing impacts the transport and mixing of buoyant plumes, using both idealized numerical models and field observations from the Delaware Bay area.

To learn more about the work we do, visit our research page. If you have any questions about the positions, feel free to contact me for more information at cmoffat at udel.edu. The deadline for applications is Feb 1, 2017.