A session on Ice-Ocean-Seabed Interactions in Fjords (Fall AGU)

I’ve been working together with Martin Truffer and Tim Bartholomaus (both from University of Alaska Fairbanks) and Katie Boldt (University of Washington) to organize a session on “Ice-Ocean-Seabed Interactions in Fjords” for the Fall AGU meeting. We’ve been very fortunate in getting an excellent group of speakers to accept our invitation to be in the session:

The session abstract (which you can also find here) is:

Ice discharge from marine-ending glaciers is a primary source of present-day sea level rise and a major component of uncertainty in sea level rise predictions. Among these marine-terminating glaciers, the response to external climate forcing is strongly modulated by 1) glacier dynamics, 2) the ocean’s circulation and hydrographic structure near the ice, and 3) the geometry and sedimentary processes at the sea floor and glacier bed. In particular, we suggest that the processes acting within each of these three components must be addressed if we hope to understand ice flux through the entire system. We invite presentations that shed light on these critical processes, especially those that span physical interfaces and bridge disciplinary boundaries.

If this sounds like your cup of tea (and why wouldn’t it?) please join us for this session. Abstracts are due on August 6th 2013, and can be submitted through the meeting website. See you in San Francisco!