Glacier-Ocean Interactions at the 2014 Fall AGU Meeting

Despite AGU’s clever incentives, you might not have submitted your abstract to the Fall Meeting yet. If so, and if you have a great piece of research on glacier-ocean interactions to share, consider submitting it to the session I’m co-convening with Dave Sutherland, Twila Moon and Jason Amundson:

C040: Understanding ice loss in coupled glacier-ocean systems through observations, modeling, and theory:

Mass loss via glaciers and ice shelves is a significant contributor to global sea level rise, yet the mechanisms controlling the ice response to ocean forcing are not well constrained. This session focuses on contemporary variability in the coupled glacier-ocean system, including tidewater glaciers, ice sheets, and ice shelves. We seek to explore the patterns and drivers of recent and current glacier and ice shelf variability, with emphasis on understanding the behavior and influence of the connected ocean. We invite contributions that cover a range of topics, including glacier dynamics in response to ocean forcing, pro-glacial fjord circulation, under ice-shelf circulation, ice mélange and glacier interaction, and broad scale ice-ocean behavior.

We have a great lineup of invited speakers:

Please join us in San Francisco!